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These surface heaters are suitable for applications where precise heating is required.
Fine resistance wires accurately and precisely positioned over areas of almost any shape or size.
The close even spacing of the wires ensure a uniform heat distribution over the entire working area.
The maximum continuous operating temperature for a silicone rubber heater mat is 230°C,
allowing for a generous safety margin for short term over-temperature excursions as high as 260°C.
Being thin and light weight, silicone rubber heater mats have a low thermal mass and therefore
have rapid heat up characteristics and a fast response to temperature control.
Fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber gives your heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility.
Because very little material separates the element from the part, heat transfer is rapid and efficient.

Feature of product

  • Maximum operating temperatures to 260℃
  • Designed in the exact shape and size to conform to your equipment
  • Easy to install(bonding or attaching) to your part through the use of vulcanizing, adhesive, or fasteners
  • Economical in large sizes and withstand repeted flexing
  • Moisture and chemical-resistant silicone rubber material provides longer heater life

Typical Application

  • Condensation prevention for many types of equipment
  • Protect instrument cabinets from cold, humidity
  • Curing of plastic laminates
  • Photo processing equipment
  • De-icing
  • Heat valves and vessels to control fluid viscosity
  • Heat Industrial ovens and thermal processing equipment
  • Heat medical devices
Division Remarks
Temperature range -45 to 220℃(-50 to 428℉)
Thickness(standard) 1.5mm
Maximum voltage rating 600VAC
Weight(standard) 0.24g/cm2
Maximum operating temperature 260℃
Minimum ambient temperature -62℃(-80℉)
Maximum resistance density(custom) 200Ω/in2(31Ω/cm2 )
Wattage tolerance ±5%
Lead wire AWG 20 except noted, PTFE insulator, standard length 300mm
Surface Temperature & Time