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CEO Greetings

It means "a drop of water pierces a rock." This is the word of an Oriental sage for a long time.
A drop of water looks like the most vulnerable and insignificant in the world.
On the other hand, stone is represented by the pronoun of the world's hardest substance.
But if you look at the rocks and stones on the beach, you can see that the rocks and the stones were trimmed and punctured.
It's made up of a lot of water droplets for a long time.

There's a saying, 10,000-hours rule by the theory cited in the published paper of Anders Erricsson, a psychology professor at the University of Colorado in the U.S.
This is the theory that to be an expert in a field, anyone needs 10,000 hours.
Statistics show that if anyone invests three hours a day for a process, it takes about 10 years.

New Era Electronics Co., Ltd is a company that has walked only one way in our business field since the foundation.
The our steady steps gave us the remarks of the best and the first in our main field and through constant research and development, we continue to manage for the best.
New Era Electronics Co., Ltd. will do the best to meet the needs of the market with the heart “水適穿石”.


New Era Electronics Co., Ltd.