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NEW-ERA Electronics Co. manufacturing techniques allow us to offer mica heaters to individual
customer specifications while maintaining competitive prices and fast deliveries.
NEW-ERA mica heaters can be supplied with holes and cut outs to customer design.
Mica heaters must be securely clamped to the surface to be heated.
This high temperature Mica Heater is designed for demanding application requiring operating temperature up to 600℃
These heaters consist of an etched foil element sandwiched between layers of mica sheet.
This heater is fairly rigid and must be securely and uniformly clamped from both side for
support and good heat transfer during operation.

Feature of product

  • High temperature capability to 600℃
  • Fast heat-up due to thin construction and low mass design
  • Power rated watt density to 110W/in2(17W/cm2) 50% higher than conventional mica strip heaters
  • More uniform part temperatures are possible with etched foil zoned heating
  • Precise heating for critical processes and sealed element prevent contamination

Typical Application

  • Semiconductor industry, Wafer processing equipment
  • OLED,LCD,PDP / FPD processing equipment
  • High temperature platens for laminating presses
  • Packaging, Strapping, and Sealing equipment
  • Food service appliance
  • Plastics and rubber molding supplemental heat
  • DNA analysis(mica heaters used for rapid temperature cycling)
Division Remarks
Construction Etched foil element sandwiched between layers of mica sheet
Temperature range -150 to 600℃ (-238 to 1112℉)
Thickness over heated area 0.030 inch(0.76mm) to 0.050 inch(1.27mm)
Dielectric strength Volt AC, Minimum 1000VRMS
Mounting Must be clamped to heat sink using bolt holes provide in heater and backing plate
Maximum operating temperature 600℃
Maximum allowable watt density at various temperatures 260℃ : 110W/in2(17W/cm2)
315℃ :  90W/in2(14W/cm2)
370℃ :  75W/in2(11.6W/cm2)
425℃ :  60W/in2(9.3W/cm2)
480℃ :  40W/in2(6.2W/cm2)
540℃ :  20W/in2(3.1W/cm2)